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Hurricane Preparation, Last Minute

Last Minute Hurricane Preparation

How to keep your home safe in the “eye of the storm’

On Tuesday morning, Matthew landfall in Haiti, less than 800 miles off the coast of Florida. According to the National Hurricane Center, the storm became stronger overnight. Category 4 hurricane showed almost 145 mph winds last night, a 5 mph increase in a matter of hours. Now the coast of Florida is the next target. A hurricane warning is in effect for Jamaica and weather experts predict hurricane Mateo to reach Florida later this week.

What can you do to prepare your home in Central Florida for the storm?

1. Review your insurance policies

Did you know that some insurance policies cover all the costs of reconstruction in the event of a total loss? However, many times, this type of reconstruction requires more coverage than the value of your current home.

According to the Institute of Insurance Information, reconstruction costs are often higher than what the current policy covers a homeowner. With construction costs on a steady incline, now is a good time to contact your insurance provider and see if a policy change is needed.

Also, consider adding flood insurance to your policy, as this is usually a separate addition. Make sure your policy covers both hurricane damage and all water damage in Florida that can follow.

2. Secure your roof

According to the website Zillow.com, the average cost of a roof replacement $ 19, 065. Also, Mr. Ceiling reports that 95% of people who have insurance claims do after experiencing significant and extreme damage to the roof.

Go on the defensive, and save thousands of dollars in roof repairs. First, inspect your roof deck. Make sure all the tiles or tiles are secured and that none are cracked or missing.

If you see cracks or missing shingles, spend an extra $ 500 to $ 1000 to have someone to fill holes in the ceiling. Then, seal the seams of your roof with tape or self-sealing waterproof barrier, which can be picked up at Home Depot or Lowe.

However, these quick repairs cost very little compared to a total roof replacement.

Hurricane Matthew Florida

3. Secure your patios and porches

Any attached to the outside of your home, such as a porch, garage or patio structure will become a tool in the hands of the storm. Strong winds will make any snap structures open a hole through your home.

Make sure that these structures open air or supplement is firmly anchored to the ground. If they are portable, lower them. If messages are unstable or weak, replace them.

If they can not be replaced, use a strong rope, wire utility or a garden hose to reinforce messages and fix them. Also, move any loose items such as garden chairs or bird feeders, inside your home.

4. Locate your utility lines Cutoff

Severe hurricane damage can often cause power surges and / or rupture gas or water pipes. Thus, it must be able to locate their switches and shutoff valves in case of an emergency.

Locate these switches for water, electricity, and gas. Cutoffs of water and gas are usually located near their respective utility meters. Also to cut off the electricity, locate your switch box or fuse box, which is usually in a garage, basement or hallway near an exit door.

5. Evaluate your valuables

The value of your possessions is always subjective. Despite what you put in your insurance claims, bearing photographs helps verify the true value of your valuables.

Use your cell phone to take photos or videos of your home. Include all photographing your jewelry, furniture, electronics and other valuables. Then, send an email or those photos with someone outside of Florida or the area of the storm-threatened.

These records will help you and your insurance company to understand exactly what each item is worth if an insurance claim is presented.

As Central Florida builder, we understand firsthand how scary can these unexpected storms. Your home is often the largest purchase and investment you will make in your life. Thus, investment protection is something that we care a lot about in Florida and want to take care of our homes.

I hope this information finds you well, and hope that you and your loved ones will be safe in this hurricane season.